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There are two categories of greyhound trainer but in both cases you must be over 18 years of age:

  • Greyhound trainer – limited to training a maximum of 12 greyhounds for racing at any one time
  • Professional trainer – can train more than 12 greyhounds for racing. Must have at least two years experience as a Greyhound Trainer or Head Kennelhand

For more information on becoming a trainer, follow this link to the Greyhound Board of Great Britain's website.  

To apply for a licence please write to, telephone or email:

Greyhound Board of Great Britain
Procter House
1 Procter Street

Tel: 020 74213770
Fax: 020 74213777


All questions on the application form are compulsory and must be completed in full or the application will be returned to the applicant.

A fee of £66 is required; this includes £60 for Kennel Inspection and £6 for a printed copy of the current GBGB Rules of Racing. An additional £10 should be submitted for each Kennel Hand, £12 for each Head Kennel Hand. The fee must be attached with the application form. In cases where the applicant requires a refund of the kennel inspection, this will only be possible if the kennel has not been inspected.


Kennels and training facilities must conform to the schedule of minimum requirements for residential kennels. Please also see Rules 212 and 213 in the GBGB Rules of Racing. Applicants are reminded that a GBGB licence holder must provide overnight supervision at the kennels and that all Kennel Hands must be licensed.

Rules of Racing

Applicants must have and be familiar with an up-to-date copy of the GBGB Rules of Racing. They will be examined on them by the Area Stipendiary Steward who makes an inspection of their kennels.

Annual licence fee

The annual licence fee for a Greyhound Trainer is £45, which expires on 31 December every year. This fee includes the fortnightly publication to the GBGB Calendar. (The fee for a Professional Trainer is £51 including the GBGB Calendar).

Trainers’ applications may take up to 7 weeks to be issued after being received. Applicants must also be aware that any application for any Trainers’ Licence does not guarantee approval by the Greyhound Regulatory Board.